Ron Trent A Dark Room And A Feeling

Downloadable content s potential has always been to revitalize game sales after the initial release and a zombie version of Red Dead s world certainly renewed interest. And publishers took note. Unfortunately, they most likely assumed that adding zombies is what made it so cool, when in fact, it was merely taking the familiar and finding a twist that altered our view of the game world.

It doesn t have to be zombies, but zombies certainly don t hurt.

Because the moon s orbit around Earth isn t a perfect circle, the Harvest Moon s distance from Earth and apparent size in our sky is a bit different from year to year. In 2018, the Harvest Moon is a touch smaller than your average-sized full moon, because it s in a relatively distant part of its orbit around Earth.

Still, in any year, you might think the Harvest Moon looks bigger or brighter or more orange. That s because the Harvest Moon has such a powerful mystique.

Many people look for it shortly after sunset around the time of full moon.