Run The Jewels Run The Jewels

After two painful strikes, Superman dodges a third and reverses the bear hug, so Marvel is struck by the magic lightning and replaced by the harmless Billy Batson. Before Billy can say the word and change back to Captain Marvel, Superman gags him at superspeed, then melts the device with seconds to spare.

Later, the Atom arrives on the scene, analyzes what s left of the device and confirms Luthor s innocence The machine was indeed a power generator.

Family Affair, meanwhile, found a mush-mouthed Sly whispering tales of domestic tumult warring brothers, anguished newlyweds over drum-machine pulse and melting Fender Rhodes chords, while sister Rose Stone s soulful vocal hook offered a precious note of optimism. The song s blend of painful wisdom and enduring hope Sly s croak of Blood s thicker than mud delivered the group a 1 single, but the parent album s hazy, disquieting funk left long-term fans puzzled.

Years on, however, There s a Riot Goin On is rightfully regarded as a masterpiece for its unique sound, for its bleak tone and wasted mood, summing up the unease and menace of its era as perfectly as their earlier hits had captured the positivity of the late-1960s.