SAM Marabouda EP

See more of Oscillat Music on Facebook. Beyond Synthesis Part Two. Jump to. Oscillat Music. Present

Storm Refuge Original Mix. Decoy Original Mix. Bahia Original Mix. Alright Original Mix. Morino Music Spread My Wings Faithful Angel. Show Me Life. Before the Mourning Comes. Independent Artist No More. The track begins with fat dub chords and long bassnotes sneaking into the soundscape. Then after a short while we hear some sparse patterns introducing a groove and putting the dub sounds into a groove.

Hear Me Baikal Maeve More Releases From This Label. Nobody Noha , Mandar Oscillat Music. On Dec 12th we've prepared a very special treat for you! Our youngest darling Kasper Marott just uploaded a recording from a liveset he did two weeks ago! Check it out!! We are very happy to be welcoming Kasper Marott to the label. Kasper is a Danish youngster we found out was a studio monster! There is no disputing his talent, so we see a future with this guy!

They've also recognized his abilities as a producer, but also as a sublime DJ with a range hard to come by these days. We recommend that you listen to his sets if you get the chance! Please enjoy the new snippets as well as a full track from the 12" EP available for streaming already!!!

We chose not to let you guys wait. So here's the next Oscillat EP again by Mandar. Heavy pressing, fullsided bombas that'll tear you apart. It's not cheap to set up a label. It takes time and money and as for money it's a struggle to live from your music on this level, especially when you live in an expensive city as Copenhagen.

He was setting up a distribution and needed good labels, and I was setting up a label and needed distribution and funds. Can you tell me a bit about your brother? Are you planning to do a collaboration any time soon? My brother is almost 4 years older than me and is a major reason to who I am. He introduced me to Underworld, Ludovic Navarre among others in the mid 90's. And he was producing a lot of music between and , though he never released any of that.

As for a collaboration with him I can't exclude the possibility. What can we expect from your next Delaphine release? My most personal release. Can you describe what this label represents? Postrashno ako si mlad skit. Jas i ti. Retrospect One. Sunday Morning. Beyond Synthesis Part One. Beyond Synthesis Part Two. Hold You Downe. April Song. Drink It All Away.

Nangijala Maceo Plex Reggae Edit mixed. Artistas similares. Roberto Surace. Eli Brown. Patrick Topping. Humble Origins Nema mesto kako doma. Poremetena svest. Raat ili rat. Postrashno ako si mlad skit. Jas i ti. Dec 12th Teaser. Posted by Mandar. Oscillat Music is travelling to outer space.

Oscillat Music — Juno Records. Listen to Oscillat Music now using our online music player. Oscillat Music. Make sure you bag this! Ro Pa EP. Oscillat Music via S. Marabouda EP at Juno Records.

From the opening title tracks, with its breathy chords and jazzy keys, which reference classic Chicago house with a uniquely modern flavour, through the Joey Anderson like weird…. The long awaited OSC04 is out! Following a recent outing under the Mandar alias alongside studio pals Samuel Andre Masden and Charlie Naffah, Nick Putman presents his first solo single under the Malin Genie guise for two years.

Predictably, he explores a range of deep house styles over the course of a four track EP that s both qu…. Oscillat Music is dedicated to the releasing house and techno music with a dubby flavor. This first EP is an example of just that. The EP starts off with the title track Marabouda. Can you describe your journey in terms of your musical career?

How did you get to where you are now? To be honest it feels like it just happened somehow. My friends tell me that I've done a lot of work to be where I am, but I really don't feel that. I just love music and playing records. With that said I owe a great deal to friends who supported me in the beginning as well as my friends and family who still supports what I am doing.

Can you describe your relationship with this label? You produce music under many different monikers and collaborate with artists such as Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie under the Mandar moniker.

Is there a particular reason why you have chosen to release music in this way? The use of monikers or pseudonyms as well as collaborations with other musicians is quite normal. I use different monikers for many reasons, some because of the musical content of the EP or personal reasons, and some for fun or PR reasons.

Rev-S was an idea Ed came up with during a breakfast in Copenhagen with my buddies from Operator. He thought it fit since I'm a theologian. But yeah As for collaborations I rarely enjoy them, because they can easily make you feel that you lose connection to your music because it didn't just come from you. People Also Bought. Coming to Town M. Kein Schubladendenken!