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Mike Raven is an excellent acoustic guitarist who released several records, but his collaborations with vocalist Joan Mills travel off into profound musical landscapes. This band nailed psychedelic folk sound as they also employed the progressive krautrock approach that dominated their latter material.

This was a New York Christian commune who made this bizarre album that could have come from another planet, yet the folk roots are clearly here.

Sebastian Yatra Yatra, Yatra. T me dices que no es cierto que te mueres por m Si es verdad que no te gusto no te acerques as Me dijeron que te encanta que se mueran por ti Buscando al que se enamora para hacerlo sufrir. Si me dices que me amas no te voy a creer no T me dices que me quieres y no puedes ser fiel no Me dejaste manejando solo y triste mujer no Te confieso si lo quieres saber, si lo quieres saber.