Shinichi Atobe Ship Scope

Due to it s unique qualities, innovation, and its towering tracks, Bitches Brew is considered by many to be a masterpiece.

In a contemporary review for Rolling Stone, music writer Langdon Winner wrote that the album was so rich in its form and substance that it permits and even encourages soaring flights of imagination by anyone who listens. The album was a commercial success, selling over one million copies.

In a league where 70 of the players are Black, 100 of the owners are white, maybe this should be the Monday Night theme song. The problem, in other words, isn t Hank Williams, Jr. It s ESPN and the NFL thinking they can stretch the boundaries of their product to unite racists and anti-racists; neo-confederates and people who are ready to put the Stars and Bars in our national rear view mirror; Redskins fans and those who find that franchise name sickening.

We are living in times of profound polarization.