Skream Skream

The traditional load-bearing wall of masonry is of a thickness proportional to the forces it has to resist its own weight, the dead load of floors and roofs, and the live load of people, as well as the lateral forces of arches, vaults, and wind. Such walls are often thicker toward the base, where maximum loading accumulates. They can be thickened along their entire length or only at particular points where the force is concentrated; the latter method is called buttressing.

Doors and windows weaken a wall and divert the forces above them to the parts on either side, which must be thickened in proportion to the width of the opening. The number of openings that can be used depends on the strength of the masonry and the stresses in the wall.

I bought the album the day after I did the poster, racing home to hear what I promised to myself would be the intersection I could use to reach my desired community. Jimi Hendrix is one of the most talented and influential guitar players of all time. I knew that going in.