So Inagawa Integritithm

When I started, my intentions of playing guitar were pure; I was perfectly content to be in the background, in the shadows of stage right, as the foundational rhythm guitar player.

The Brad Whitford, The Malcolm Young they were all I strived to be. But as anyone will tell you after playing in many bands, things change, and you either evolve or be eaten alive.

So after the lead guitar player in my first band departed, I was told, Hey man, you re the lead guitar player now. This was not my chosen path, up front and sharing all the glory with the lead singer.

All traces of life In our gats we carry That s used to dress humanity It s a new wave, come on. Incomprehensible Incomprehensible Incomprehensible It s a new wave, dig it. Incomprehensible Incomprehensible Incomprehensible It s a new wave, come on This life is precious It s goddamn marvelous Before it ever ends Come on. From a land of shit talk, boy stars and pitch forks Didn t really see white until I went north Getting bent on backyards, wishing in the air for a black God Where people fix cars and clap hard And look to the stars for rap jobs I walk through the black fog with reflectors on my boots Smelling war near, I m connected with the troops.

That master anger and ain t afraid to shoot Through poured liquor fallen angels they salute Feel the wind blow A new wave people with their hair trimmed low It s two ways living in this world of techno This age can t really save the ghetto I pause for the rebels who rock heavy metals And tell them that they re pharaoh so let go Come on.