Steve OSullivan Bluespirit 004

That experience, along with the Cardinal ordeal, left Tom wary of studio games and weary at waiting around for the phone to ring. After viewing the film Rosemary s Baby 1968Tom was inspired to write his own horror novel, and in 1971 Alfred Knopf published The Other. It became an instant bestseller and was turned into a movie in 1972, which Tom wrote and produced. Thereafter, despite occasional film and TV offers, Tom gave up acting to write fiction full-time.

All the other songs were Dylan originals and the Freewheelin album showcased for the first time Dylan s song-writing talent. The album kicked off with Blowin in the Windwhich would become one of Dylan s most celebrated songs.

In July 1963, the song became an international hit for folk trio Peter, Paul it would eventually be released in 1985 on the boxed-set retrospective Biograph. Two more outtakes, an original blues number called Quit Your Low Down Ways and Texan singer Hally Wood s composition, Worried Blueswere released in 1991 on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 Rare Grossman was involved in music publishing and he persuaded Dylan to take publishing rights of his songs away from Duchess Music, whom he had signed a contract with, and assign the publishing to Witmark Music, a division of Warner s music publishing operation.