Tessela Hackney Parrot

Every soul Luke now takes will give the Master more strength to break out of his confinement. Buffy and Xander return to the school library. Giles explains that the Master arrived 60 years ago to open the Hellmouth, a portal to another reality, but was swallowed by an earthquake. He is now hoping to escape with the help of a Vessel in a once-in-a-century opportunity called the Harvest.

To prevent the Master from escaping and opening the Hellmouth, they must kill the Vessel.

Stunning baroque compositions marry the acoustic to the orchestral, with a fascinatingly cynical world view all topped off by Arthur Lee s honeyed vocals. That the band took a heavier direction after that and never recaptured their past glories almost doesn t matter.

The die was cast, the high water mark had already been reached. The United States of America. Anyone listening to a record by the likes of 1990s 2000s era psychedelic rock pop heroes Broadcast is urged to go back to 1967 and check out the sole album from experimental rock band The United States of America.