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Billy Squier has said that The Tom Swift Electric Band was the house band at The Psychedelic Supermarket, and opened many shows there, including the Moody Blues and Steve Miller Band.

I don t know exactly when Squier s band became regular performers at the venue. November 1-2, 1968 Moody Blues Tom Swift Electric Band There used to be a lengthy and amusing online description of seeing the Moody Blues at the Supermarket, but I can t find it any more.

November 8-9, 1968 Blue Cheer added Blue Cheer had just completed a European tour. Guitarist Randy Holden had replaced Leigh Stephens just before the tour.

This song is Jimi hendrix s description of himself in terms of the Chakra s. Purple is the crown chakra, green is the heart chakra, blue is the throat chakra, turquoise or indigo is the third eye Chakra, red the root base chakra, orange is the sacral chakra, and yellow is the solar plexus chakra. If you want to know who Jimi was, this song will tell you. And yes the album cover definitely holds clues. We are as bold as love in this existence.