The Bug Ft Cutty Ranks Gun Disease

Computers, vocals, turntablessynthesizers, saxophone. Possession The Anatomy of Addiction. Its first album, The Bug Ft Cutty Ranks Gun Disease the Skinwas somewhat similar to the industrial metal of Broadrick's Godfleshbut with a more experimentalist bent, notably via Martin's free jazz -influenced saxophone. GOD was a jazzcore group that was The Bug Ft Cutty Ranks Gun Disease of the grindcore and industrial metal scenes. These releases were characterised by their harsh, aggressive nature both musically and vocally vocal artists including Jamaican MCs such as He-Man and Wayne Lonesome. More subtle influences include dubstep and the dubtronica and broken techno of Basic Channel and Pole. Originally a collaboration between Techno Animal and Alec Empire in an industrial hip-hop vein.

Set it, set it, set it, set it, set it, ablaze. Set it ablaze like a candle wick Hotter, hotter, hotter, hotter Yeah, light it up. Download now Major Lazer - Light It Up feat.

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