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Gary serves as a cook aboard the Eclipse. Julianne van Asper aka Julianne Human, female, Fighter - Played by Alexis. The party knew very little about Julianne. She was first encountered in the Sewers of Oblivion, beneath the ruins of Lingice-Enz. Julianne and a few other characters Members of an adventuring group known as Nothing But Trouble were found encased in some sort of stasis inducing coccoons.

Hank Williams died in Knoxville or Bristol or Mount Hope, W. Maybe it was within a couple of miles from where the Daddy Owes Pool Hall now stands in Bean Station, Tenn. The only place he surely didn t die along twisted 11W or desolate 19 North is the place listed on his death certificate the West Virginia town of Oak Hill. What difference does it make.