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She has to follow the yellow brick road to The Gladiators Studio One Singles Emerald City, where she will find the wizard who she must ask to help her get home. In the case of Bernie, the yellow brick road led him from his country village, Lincolnshire, to the big city, London.

London represented the Emerald City The Gladiators Studio One Singles road of excess, the superficial world he and Elton lived, with outrageous costumes and trademark spectacles. When are you going to land. Bernie feels dissapointed I m not a present for your friends to open.

The line You know you can t hold me forever is his answer.

But, he was too late to save the king. So, he vowed to search out the other royal kin and serve them until such time as they could be reinstated in their rightful place within the kingdom. I was lucky to find you Farroheena, since your father was only a few years older than your uncle Tasharo, and sixth in line for the throne at that, SethVar admitted with a chuckle.

Oh, I m falling, so I m taking my time on my. I ve been thinking too much. Help me. I ve been thinking too much.