Two Lone Swordsmen Swimming Not Skimming

Best altogether band for a long, long time. Tool is one of the most original bands I ve ever heard, I must confess I only started listening to them about a year 1 2 ago, but ever since that happened, I ve become fairly addicted to them, and the song schism is definitely the main reason they got my attention, never in my life have I listened to a song and couldn t think about anything else for a month, and back then I didn t know about all the other great ones like vicarioussoberLateralusetc.

Tool should be number one of all music because they make real music. I was actually expecting them to be in the top 3 at the very least.

Fred Rose opposed him reviving Lovesick Bluesoriginally recorded by Emmett Miller in 1925, and later a success for Rex Griffin in 1939; nevertheless, he recorded the song, following Miller s and Griffin s playful yodels. Lovesick Blues topped the US country charts for 16 weeks and remained in the listings for almost a year. The Grand Ole Opry, although wary of his hard-drinking reputation, invited him to perform Lovesick Blueswhich led to an unprecedented six encores.

He and the Drifting Cowboys became regulars and the publicity enabled them to command 1,000 for concert appearances; they even upstaged comedian and film star Bob Hope. Wedding Bells made number 2, as did a contender for the greatest country single ever released, the poignant I m So Lonesome I Could Crybacked with the old blues song, My Bucket s Got A Hole In It ; the Opry sponsors, disapproving of the word beer in the latter song, made Williams sing milk instead.