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He was in a hypnotic trance when he pulled the trigger. Everything in the PSE charts tells me that someone else was involved in the assassination -- and that Sirhan was programmed through hypnosis to kill RFK. What we have here is a real live Manchurian Candidate. After examining Sirhan s PSE charts, Dr.

Zombies do not respond to fire, and will walk blindly into it, though they do feel it on them and notice they are burning once they are on fire. Zombies mainly attack with swipes from their claws, but in Half-Life 2they gain the ability to forcefully punt objects towards the player.

Also in Half-Life 2certain Zombies can be found sleeping and stand up to attack the player if they get too close or are attacked, as if they were playing dead. As Headcrabs do not attach themselves to native Xen creatures, Zombies are only found on Earth, usually in remote or deserted areas.