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Their non-verbal communication skills seem other-worldly. Honed to a fine edge, catching one of these officials off-guard or flat-footed is nearly impossible. Thastick This evil male Duergar is the Captain of the Guard at 640 a Dwarven fortification currently inhabited by a clan of exiled Duergar.

Known by the other exiles as The GuardianThastick has assumed the role of interim leader of the exiles until they can rejoin the main clan inside Firestorm Peak. Theradyne Theradyne is a Dwarf, and a Priest of Moradin in Dunfee.

I ve written more about this novel in my essay The Black Iron Prison n 1July 2004. Ballard s The Crystal World 1966. Some readers find this novel too action-adventurey for their liking, others find it too surgical and psychological; I think it strikes a provocative balance between these tendencies.

In an African colony, Sanders, a British doctor, discovers that entrance to the forest is being discouraged.