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Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Subtly conveyed themes of poor people striving for material gains, and of the older generation Various Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number to be swept up completely by the new, abound as the aging Henchman murders a dozen teenagers with a skateboard surrounded by impossibly expensive cars and older cars being scrapped for their good parts, just as the Henchman says he feels he'll get killed any day now and rejects the more youthful aspirations of the Son; he then dreams of a new car instead of his girlfriend. CBS Interactive. This parallels the shift in primary setting from 's to the much culturally calmer 's. Martin dies early in the game when accidentally shot with live ammunition on set during the shooting of the film's final scene. All rights reserved. Richter, the agent who killed Jacket's girlfriend, is revealed to be Various Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number to work with 50 Blessings until they threaten his ailing mother.

Make sure you have DirectX installed, otherwise the game will crash or can cause other issues. You can download DirectX from here. You may get ads when you click on the download button, just close out of it and reclick the download button.

Ads are what support the site and keep it running. Download the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number digital comic series by Dayjob Studio and dive into the backstory of several factions on a path to confrontation. The entire five-part series is free to download and comes in a single app that launches from your Steam library.

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Community Hub. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the brutal conclusion to the Hotline Miami saga, set against a backdrop of escalating violence and retribution over spilled blood in the original game. Recent Reviews:. Violence in feels aimless: the Russian mob is gone similar to how the Cold War was basically over by this point in history , and the Fans often note that the people they target prior to Death Wish are disturbingly similar to themselves "Kinda like this place, huh?

Drugs are touched on much more soberly in Hotline Miami 2 , focusing more on the kinds of people who use, transport, and attempt to control them. Alex is a recreational user of marijuana and her technician brother Ash frequently bashes people on the basis of being junkies. Police Detective Pardo based on a real MDPD officer who declared himself a soldier and murdered six people is shown cracking down excessively hard on Colombian drug smuggling Dead Ahead and this is later revealed to be a function of his own personal self righteous power fantasies.

Pardo tries to have a meeting with the Russian mob immediately afterward, implying he did the job to earn their trust, or is perhaps angling to take them down too just as brutally. Flashback missions to a fully fictional Hawaii warzone perhaps most analogous historically to America's involvement in Nicaragua trace the source of violence acceptability in the other direction: here even Barnes and Daniels , wholly likable people with friendly personalities, also are expected to and do enjoy executing and beating prisoners Ambush outro.

The over exaggerated Hawaiian jungle -- complete with panthers as a triple origin story for 50 Blessings , the Brandon mask , and the Father 's pet panthers -- is heavily used to give context to events in the subsequent settings, but also to draw an analogy between humans and the animal conditions that created them. When the Russian Henchman asks to go home in Execution , he also mentions he wants to go to the jungle. The absorption of humans into animal traits is a theme that's been with Hotline Miami since the first game's tutorial, and the endgame for Hotline Miami 2 naturally builds this to a head where characters become the animals they pretend to be.

Throughout all of this the player's impulse to catalog it manifests in the character of Evan Wright , who is also based on a real Miami writer who writes about real Miami criminals. Due to the focus on lifestyle, however, the writer is entirely defined on his sinking unhealthy amounts of time into retrieving overlooked information. Exposing schemes with his information isn't so much his concern as much as the fact that he could write a popular book with that socially trending information and make money to support his family.

The exact gigantic scale of the impending disaster is never made clear to the Writer or the player until the last minute of the game and by then choice to abandon the investigation or quickly publish his narrow view of events has already been made; in fact, even choosing to continue to investigate isn't done so with the urgency required to stop the ending from happening anyway.

The emphasis here is on natural personal blind spots. Similar to Biker in the password ending to Hotline Miami people are shown to have limits on what they care about and things like the global and political rarely factor in. Writer's perspective on other characters is noticeably limited: he has a close friendship with Pardo due to a mutual interest in garnering fame, Manny fears that Evan knows too much Caught , but it only ever amounts to Evan calling him a douchebag.

In the Bar of Broken Heroes, Evan refuses to press Biker for details as it would require giving the extremely unhealthy looking Biker dollars of booze money, and Evan determines this would be wrong. Flashes to the setting from the first game detail the lives of Jake and Richter , both of which play up different aspects of the original game's Jacket.

Jake is the patriotic pizza eater who hates his job loves his car and can't hold a steady relationship, and Richter is the torn man backed into a corner with everything to lose. These characters allow for much more distilled tones than Jacket and have vastly different soundtracks and feels. Jake is summed up by the fact that one of his songs is named Quixotic: he's a naive idealist whose comical detachment from reality is ultimately his own downfall. Richter on the other hand is a story of personal growth and maturity as he progressively cools to his extremely dangerous jobs and earns the happiness of himself and his mother.

Richter relies on pity and chance to survive his prison whacking the pipe drop in Release , but his abilities and quick reactions under stress are what really make him win the day. WW : 19 August This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. August Retrieved 25 May Valve Corporation. Retrieved 29 August Abstraction Games. Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 10 June Rock Paper Shotgun. Retrieved 9 April Famitsu in Japanese. Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 19 August CBS Interactive.

Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 10 March Game Informer. Retrieved 11 March PC Gamer. Hardcore Gamer. Retrieved 13 March Retrieved 18 June Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Retrieved 5 May Devolver Digital. Retrieved 21 August

Once Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number has finished downloading, extract the. Once done run the game and enjoy!

Make sure you have DirectX installed, otherwise the game will crash or can cause other issues. You can download DirectX from here. The Fans are all killed during this attack; their last survivor, Tony, is personally killed by Pardo after surrendering to the police, to deny him his "fifteen minutes of fame. The story of The Soldier, the bearded convenience store owner from the previous game, shows him fighting a war against the Soviet Union in Hawaii alongside Jacket in , prior to the first game's events.

America appears to be losing this fictitious war, with cities and islands falling to the Soviet Red Army. The Soldier's elite Commando unit has been engaged in a campaign of deep penetration harassment against Russian fortifications and supply depots, however their increasingly detached and psychologically troubled Colonel appears to be losing his grip on reality as the war proceeds, volunteering them for increasingly desperate and dangerous missions while ruminating on their likely impending deaths and the loss of the war.

Their last assignment involves besieging a heavily guarded Power Plant controlled by the Russians. As they make their way into the building, the Soviet commander in charge of it, having apparently gone insane, murders the plant's technicians and begins a meltdown on the main reactor before shooting himself in the head. The Soldier saves Jacket's life during their escape attempt, after a booby trap explodes and severely injures two members of their unit including Jacket, but later dies in during a nuclear strike on San Francisco which decisively terminates the war, revealing his appearances in the previous game to be Jacket's comatose hallucinations.

The game also follows two other 50 Blessings agents from the original game, Jake and Richter. Jake, a virulently nativist Southern patriot, realizes the officially-peaceful 50 Blessings organization is giving him his orders when he meets with one of their representatives, who denies everything. Afterwards, he is sent on a suicide mission, which the player is given one chance to succeed on.

If the player fails he is captured, tortured, and eventually killed by the Russian Mafia, and if he succeeds 50 Blessings takes him to a safehouse and kills him anyway to silence him. Richter, the agent who killed Jacket's girlfriend, is revealed to be reluctant to work with 50 Blessings until they threaten his ailing mother.

Like Jacket, Richter is captured and imprisoned, but manages to escape during a prison riot orchestrated by 50 Blessings during which other incarcerated members were to kill him to keep him from corroborating Jacket's testimony. In , the escaped Richter tells his story to Evan in exchange for plane tickets for his mother to come to Hawaii. Evan's marriage and finances, however, are under pressure as he spends more time working on his book, and the player must choose whether he abandons the book or his family.

The final act of the game is centered on the Son, who is trying to reclaim his father's empire from Colombian gangsters who filled the power vacuum the old boss' death left. Pardo also appears, having a nightmare revealing himself to be the "Miami Mutilator", a serial killer he has supposedly been hunting. Fearful of his colleagues catching on to his crimes, Pardo boards himself up in his house.

After the Son eliminates the Colombians, he invites his old henchman to visit their new hideout, inadvertently giving away his location to the Fans and triggering the attack depicted earlier. Under the hallucinatory influence of his own designer drugs he goes on a rampage, killing the superhuman monsters he sees the Fans as, then walking off the hideout's roof on a rainbow bridge to his apparent death. The Soviet Union declares this an act of war, and launches several atomic attacks against the United States which obliterate Miami and Hawaii.

Each of the surviving characters are then shown in their last moments - Manny, Evan, the actress from Midnight Animal, and finally Jacket alone in a prison cell - before being obliterated by the bombs. Subsequently, starting a new game adds an extra introductory scene where Richard berates the playable characters for, once again, starting down a path that can only end in their deaths.

As the game didn't support Windows XP on release, despite other pre-release indications, the community created an unofficial patch which added this compatibility. Upon release, the game received generally positive reviews from critics. He also praised the game for allowing players to use multiple approaches towards a single objective. However, he criticized the lack of weapon customization. He summarized the game by saying that "This is a confident follow-up which improves upon the original in almost every way.

Blistering combat against punishing opposition will require intense focus as new variables, weapons, and methods of execution are introduced throughout the struggle. Let the striking colors of an unmistakable visual style wash over as you meticulously cut down those that would stand between you and the ultimate meaning behind the massacre. This is the finale, this is the unquestionable end. Relentless Hostilities: Adjust combat techniques as the narrative shifts between factions and brings unique variations to a familiar approach along with new weapons, movements, and melee attacks.

Enthralling Soundtrack: Over forty pounding tracks from dozens of artists punctuate the savage conflict and bring the larger scale of your actions into focus. Custom Level Editor: Design custom levels using characters, enemies, weapons and music tracks from the game and share your creations with others online via Steam Workshop.

The full soundtrack is a separate purchase and includes all 49 tracks with the proceeds going to the artists themselves. System Requirements Windows. Minimum: OS: Ubuntu Recommended: OS: Ubuntu Copyright Dennaton Games.

All Rights Reserved. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Date Range. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.

He awakes to find that his final pay and his car have been stolen by her and that the Son was right. Dejected he takes the pills and attempts to call either Mary or the Son but in his disoriented state dials a completely wrong number. The Son plays out his war alone and after a climactic assault on the Colombian headquarters he has finally brought about a return to the monolithic multicolored drug fortresses of old, and in doing so attracts the same anti-Russian Cold War sentiments , desperately looking for ground in the confused and barren 's.

There is now nothing to distract him from his aimless inadequacies and like his grandfather he feels he's grown into the throne like a wheelchair. He tries to find solace in the friendship of Henchman but he's already been taken by this new setting.

Everything unique has been bled out of it and all that remains are his monotonous army of faceless goons. In this mindset he turns to hallucinogens and hits them hard. As the Fans attack looking for some kind of vindication of their own feelings a confused Son does the only thing he knows how to do: kill everything until he wins. Reality seems to rewind back to that warzone where all was accepted but the camaraderie is no longer there, only the jungle office plants warping into full blown jungle foliage and the wild animals that took his friend, glimpses of empty Russian rituals and piles of money destroyed and consumed instantly without thought.

As he kills each animal one could easily recall Richter's father's room, decked out in pelts and heads as decoration and personal trophies. The sudden killing of every character pans over near still images of their final moments, most unaware entirely that they're about to die.

The contrast in how each character goes out ironically generates an extremely distilled value of lifestyles and happiness in the face of oblivion. The characters who die with loved ones are the characters with the ability to form them, and the characters who die alone would have never reached out anyway.

The game received generally positive reviews from critics. It received an aggregated score of He also praised the game for allowing players to use multiple approaches towards a single objective. However, he criticized the lack of weapon customization. He summarized the game by saying that "This is a confident follow-up which improves upon the original in almost every way. This is a tremendously stylish game which entertains throughout, and delights in forcing you out of your comfort zone.

However, he criticized the poor AI. He summarized the game by saying that " Hotline Miami 2 may not be as "profound" as its predecessor, but it's still a bloody good time.

However, she criticized the occasionally frustrating levels. She summarized the review by saying that " Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a great game and a worthy sequel.