Various The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One

September Gurls would be a hit, but not for Big Star, and not for over a decade, when the Bangles recorded it in a more pop-friendly world. Andy Hummel threw in the towel and went back to school. Meanwhile, Chris Bell was recuperating. Like Chilton, he was from a wealthy family, so it was relatively easy for him to pack up with his brother and head to Europe for an extended trip.

Miles most likely did not have a clear vision for the final structure. By contrast, Spanish Key, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, and Sanctuary, had all been played live, giving Miles time to develop a functional structure.

Only Sanctuary contains an edit, at 05 13, at which point Macero pasted in another take. It also seems likely that Macero was influenced in his edits by the form Miles had given to these three tracks, especially Spanish Key, which has a circular structure, with Miles stating the main theme at 00 36, 09 17 and 16 48, and the solo section containing several references to the main theme.