Venus Dodson Shining He Said She Said

Our festival will be held every weekend from September 8th - October 28th as well as Monday September 10th, Wednesday September 19th, and Columbus Day Monday October 8th. Music has been a part of the life of many people and so we can look back at the years and we can know some of the famous people in each of their influence. Many people have invested much of their life in music.

They have produced songs and perform them also in person. Musicians have the passion to be able to produce songs for their fans though we know that they also have the help of others to have a song that would be a hit.

As the creator of Dave s Music Database, I specialize in creating best-of lists, usually by aggregating other best-of lists. In this case, I aggregated 16 lists focused on psychedelic rock albums and came up with the following. Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn 1967 2.